Ættir is the latest shot on the Danish metal scene.

The band plays melodic doom with elements of Nordic culture and reverberation of a distant age.

The band originates from the singer Nanna Barslev and guitarist Lasse Olufson, both known from the Danish folk metal group Huldre.

With Nanna’s beautiful Nordic voice and Lasse’s peculiar guitar riffs, Ættir creates melodic, grandiose and heavy harmonies that attractively lead the listener through the foggy tales and open expanses of the past.

On drums, Ættir has no less than Henrik Glass known from legendary Saturnus.

At the cello the talented Veronika Kroel Voetmann and the experienced Tor Petterson on bass.

Ættir has many meanings and refers, among other things, to genealogy, the seasons and the sun’s passage in the sky.

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