Most commmon asked questions


9th – 10th August, 2019


We are hosting the festival at Tudsemindevej, 2450 København SV (Valbyparken)

How do i become a volounteer?

If you are intrested in becomming a volunteer at Vikinge Festival, write to our email:

Where do vikings fit into the festival?

We can offer the full all-around 360 modern viking experience. 
There will be people dressed up in authentic viking clothing, live in old nothern tents and of course we can offer more than 10+ different kinds of mead. 

Where do i sleep?

As one of the few danish festivals to be located centrally in Copenhagen, we belive that our guests will sleep in their apartments, close hotels or hostels. 
Vikinge Festival do not offer camping at the location.

Can I bring alcohol?

No, but we can offer a large variety of different kinds of alcohol to cheap money. 
We are happy to offer more than 10+ different kinds of mead that’s made on honey, apple, cherry and many more.

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