Held in Valby, The Festival attracts some of the best exhibitors offering mouth-watering food. With a passion for fantastic food and drink, let us take you on a journey to discover new and Artisan producers at a big food and drink show. 

One of the best things about festivals are the vast variety of food, not only is there a superb range of food exhibitors, but also well equipped bars.  

Come along and enjoy the feast that will be waiting for you in Valhalla, where you can taste good food, try some of the delicious wares, enjoy our music, listen to fantastic live music and soak up the Festival atmosphere. 


Drinks for a feast

Tuborg Pilsner

40 DKK (50 cl)

5 for 160 DKK

Tuborg Guld

50 DKK (50 cl)

5 for 200 DKK


40 DKK (33 cl)

5 for 160 DKK


60 DKK (4 cl)

5 for 240 DKK


100 DKK a bottle

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