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From the 9th to the 10th of August 2019, Viking festival will be a central festival that takes place in Copenhagen. From the capital city center, it takes ten minutes by bike to get to the festival site, which makes Viking festival one of the few music festivals located centrally in the middle of a big city. 

The vast majority of the festival’s guests, therefore, spend the night in apartments and at the many hostels and hotels located near the festival site. We do not offer camping on the location. 

A traditional festival

Our vision of the festival and our existing foundation is rooted in our origin as Nordics. Through music, we will honor the old Nordic traditions and blend it with modern Viking culture.
Our desire is to introduce both old, as well as new cultural traditions we have in our Nordic society.

Nordic festival

Viking festival is the new Nordic Viking- and metal festival in the. Since the beginning of 2010, the organization behind the festival has gathered thousands of festival fans from both home and abroad. 

Valby forms the framework for the two-day Ragnarok on earth, and the raw, natural surroundings stand as the perfect backdrop to the deep rhythms from the stage. 

Our purpose is to create a festival that presents the Vikings culture and the Nordic origins in a new perspective.
Through a quality program for the audience, where both new and old headbangers can join in on an epic adventure.
We want to show how we cultivate the Nordic traditions.  

In addition, great efforts are made to give the audience a unique total experience from the second they go through Valhalla’s gates.

Although the festival is new, the organization behind festivals and the cultivation of Viking culture is an old tradition. We are experts in festivals and Vikings.


Vikings of the north

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