LOS is a Drone/Roots solo project created by Søren Sol.

Søren Sol is also known as bassist in the Viking band Krauka, who has played many concerts in Europe and the US and released 8 albums. 

LOS immerses itself in the force of heavy and ritual rhythms, overtones in great sound universes with branches for both metal and folk music. LOS debut album “Solblot” will be released in the summer of 2019 at Strange Aeons Records. “Solblot” is recorded by Søren Sol on all instruments and voices with individual guest appearances, among others. Danny Woe from Woebegone Obscured with his deep growl. 

LOS appears live as a 4-man band that brings the energy from the music beyond the stage, all experienced musicians who have worked together in other contexts for many years.

Martin Madsen is back at the drums.

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