You cannot talk about Danish Viking metal without talking about Svartsot. Since 2005, where they were formed in Randers they have rocked stages all around the world. Latest they have played on the famous 70.000 tons metal cruise!

Their story begins in August 2004, where the folk/black metal band “Skoll” was formed.

A change of direction occurred in early 2005 as the songwriting began leaning towards a more pure folk metal style, so it was decided to rename the band to “Svartsot”.

The music is a mix of metal and Scandinavian folk. The Danish lyrics are mainly about women, beer and heavy battles, based on Nordic mythology and ancient Danish tales.

A lot of that affection is due to their slick mixture of infectious and festive folk melodies with heavy death roars.

We are looking forward to having them at Viking festival 2019, and have been big fans since the beginning.

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